AGRI4CAST Interpolated Meteorological Data

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One of the main output of the CGMS system are the Meteorological Interpolated data.

In compliance with the Commission policy these data are available to the scientific community.

The CGMS database contains daily meteorological interpolated data from 1975 to the last calendar year completed, covering the EU Member States, neighbouring European countries, and the Mediterranean countries.

The available meteorological parameters interpolated to a 25x25 km grid are:

maximum temperature (°C)

minimum temperature (°C)

mean daily vapour pressure (hPa)

mean daily windspeed at 10m (m/s)

mean daily rainfall (mm)

Penman potential evaporation from a free water surface (mm/day)

Penman potential evaporation from a moist bare soil surface (mm/day)

Penman potential transpiration from a crop canopy (mm/day)

daily global radiation in KJ/m2/day

snow depth (cm) * * data with no quality check

Please find more information on the daily meteorological data processing chain used to process for use with the Crop Growth Monitoring System (CGMS) on our wiki.

The interpolated meteorological data can be downloaded in the ASCII comma delimited text format.

The user can select year, parameter and NUTS region, Eurostat Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics, where the grid cell belongs to.

To do so the user needs to register, in order to access to a secure part of our site, after acceptance of our data distribution conditions.

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