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MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.13 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 15 December 2014)

Publish date: 12/12/2014 5:38 pm

Campaign review 2014
Excellent season for grain maize with record yields


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.12 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 15 December 2014)

Publish date: 12/12/2014 5:30 pm

Weakly hardened crops in western and central Europe


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.11 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 24 November 2014)

Publish date: 24/11/2014 2:43 pm

Predominantly favourable sowing conditions despite some delays


Crop monitoring in Eritrea

Publish date: 17/11/2014 4:45 pm

The analyses based on satellite imagery and meteorological data presented in this report indicate above-average vegetation conditions and no major concerns for the 2014 Kremti season in Eritrea. Moreover, the abundant and well distributed rains throughout the season could ensure the first goo...


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.10 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 27 October 2014)

Publish date: 27/10/2014 11:04 am

High summer crop yields at EU-28 level


Crop monitoring in Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) - September 2014

Publish date:

This report aims at analyzing the crop situation in DPRK at the end of the main crop season based on the rainfall, temperature and global radiation data as predicted by the global ECMWF model together with the NDVI time series derived from satellite imagery. The analysis shows that the 2014 c...


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.9 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 22 September 2014)

Publish date: 22/09/2014 5:32 pm

Maize maturing under favourable conditions


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.8 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 25 August 2014)

Publish date: 25/08/2014 3:12 pm

Good yield despite difficult harvest, good prospects for maize


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.7 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 21 July 2014)

Publish date: 21/07/2014 11:18 am

Good EU-28 cereal yields and positive outlook for summer crops


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.6 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 23 June 2014)

Publish date: 18/06/2014 10:45 am

Yield outlook predominantly positive, drought concerns for Spain


Common FAO GIEWS - JRC Climate Early Warning report for the Horn of Africa

Publish date: 04/06/2014 10:47 am

Late and erratic rains raise serious concern for crop and livestock production


Common Technical Specification 2014

Publish date: 19/05/2014 4:41 pm

Common Technical Specification 2014 CTS2014-20532.pdf 1,013.61 kB


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.5 (Crop Monitoring in Europe - 12 May 2014)

Publish date: 12/05/2014 3:50 pm

Despite weather anomalies yield outlook is positive


Crop and rangeland monitoring in Angola, March 2014

Publish date: 30/04/2014 4:43 pm

Good rainfall and early vegetation growth in central and eastern parts of the country. Dry conditions along the coast and in limited areas in Namibe and Cunene.


Analysis of the food security situation in Kenya at the end of the 2013-2014 short rains season

Publish date: 30/04/2014 4:35 pm

Drought conditions affecting dry lands in northern and northeastern Kenya, below average crop production in southwestern marginal agricultural areas.



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