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January 2020

Most parts of the country experienced well below-average rainfall amounts in December, coupled with above-average temperature that resulted in dry crop and rangeland conditions mainly concentrated in Southern, West and Central provinces. The aforementioned provinces have registered 25-35% below-average cumulative rainfall amounts since November.

Heavy rains in January, triggered flash and riverine flooding, with districts in the south (Gwembe and Siavonga districts) and in the east (Mambwe and Lumezi districts) being amongst the hardest hit. According to OCHA, «the flooding has destroyed crops, including maize, especially in Munyumbwe area in Gwembe District».

The January floods are adding further stress to an already dire food security situation. The Southern province faced a sharp reduction in the previous agricultural season production due to drought, and in the first part of the 2019/20 season the area was impacted again by severe drought, and now by floods.

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Number of administrative units classified as Warning (Crop): 7 (77%)

Number of administrative units classified as Warning (Rangeland): 5 (55%)

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