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January 2020

The country is facing the worst hunger crisis in a decade, with 7.7 million people being severely food insecure (WFP) and according to Reuters «Zimbabwe has only 100,000 tons of grain in its strategic reserves, enough to last just over a month».

A deteriorating economic situation coupled with limited precipitation amounts in most parts of the country in the 2nd and 3rd dekad of December (80%-90% below-average rainfall) affected agricultural activities for the 2019/20 agricultural season and area planted is expected to be below-average. Rainfall resumed in the first two dekads of January, however crop conditions remain below-average, with crops having wilted in some areas. Pastoral productivity is also affected by drought leading to livestock fatalities, with reports of 21,000 drought-related cattle deaths in Matebeleland North and south provinces (FEWSNET - Zimbabwe).

The poor performance of the 2019/20 agricultural season follows drought conditions and crop losses experienced in the previous cropping season, further impeding food security conditions in the country.

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Number of administrative units classified as Warning (Crop): 5 (50%)

Number of administrative units classified as Warning (Rangeland): 10 (100%)

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