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ASAP warning classification scheme v 4.0

This document illustrates the ASAP methodology for the automatic calculation of the warning levels at provincial level, including the model, the data used by the system, and the way it is implemented. Version 4.0.

Development of a national and sub-national crop calendars data set compatible with remote sensing derived land surface phenology

This document illustrates the method used to downscale the existing national level crop calendars to the sub-national level using ASAP remote sensing derived phenology.

ASAP Water Satisfaction Index - Technical Manual of WSI version 2.0

This document describes the Water Satisfaction Index model.

Climate summary report in 2018

Summary of climate variability and extremes and their main impacts on agricultural production in 2018.


NOTE: the tutorials illustrate an older release of ASAP. While all the key concepts are still valid, the interface has undergone important updates and may be different from what is shown in the video.

ASAP: a quick overview

This 4 minutes video tutorial is a quick guide on how to explore the information for a single hotspot country. It summarizes the main steps to visualize the most relevant information available on the ASAP platform.

ASAP: main functionalities

This 14 minutes video is a complete live demo of the main functionalities of the system. You will be introduced to the main information products. and to the methodology used to generate them.

ASAP on the journal Agricultural Systems

Rembold F., Meroni M., Urbano F., Csak G., Kerdiles H., Perez-Hoyos A., Lemoine G., Leo O., Thierry N. (2018) "ASAP: A new global early warning system to detect anomaly hot spots of agricultural production for food security analysis" in Agricultural Systems

ASAP at MultiTemp 2017   

Rembold F., Meroni M., Urbano F., Lemoine G., Kerdiles H., Perez-Hoyos A., Csak G. (2017) "ASAP - Anomaly hot Spots of Agricultural Production, a new early warning decision support system developed by the Joint Research Centre" in proceedings of MultiTemp 2017 Conference, Bruges - Belgium

ASAP methodology-related paper on the journal Remote Sensing Letters

Meroni M., Rembold F., Fasbender D., Vrieling A. (2016) "Evaluation of the Standardized Precipitation Index as an early predictor of seasonal vegetation production anomalies in the Sahel" in Remote Sensing Letters


ASAP: a Short Introduction  

Presentation that illustrates the main features of ASAP